Accelerating the convergence of DeFi and Gaming for Mass Adoption

Our Purpose

The DeFi Gaming Coalition was organized with the goal of creating an ecosystem where modern and lucrative decentralized financial services can be introduced to a broader audience through the world of gaming. The DeFi Gaming Coalition (DGC) promotes DeFi research, development, innovation and a strong united ecosystem to grow this revolutionary and highly valuable intersection of industries through meaningful collaborations with innovators across the globe.

With the advancement of concepts such as tokenization of assets in the gaming industry, more value is being added to users’ winnings, unlockables, and purchased items, making them transferable and unique. Since each user is able to leverage their digital assets to meet their liquidity needs in a decentralized manner, they are becoming both contributors and creators of the future of our DeFi ecosystem.

This tokenization is achieved through the inclusion of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the DeFi ecosystem. NFTs are now being used to represent unique digital assets, with more advanced functionality being added to DeFi platforms in ways that are very familiar to the gaming industry – skills, achievements, and skins in the game can now be transferred or monetized through the concept of NFTs. As the DGC grows, we will be able to not only push the envelope of what is capable with current gamified DeFi assets, but help to define and structure the technologies that will further bridge the gap between niche markets and mass user adoption.

About Us

The DeFi Gaming Coalition is a community of innovative leaders, technological rebels, gaming enthusiasts, and DeFi experts. Our vision is to facilitate the gaming industry’s growth into the DeFi world with NFTs and other innovations unique to DeFi. In a way, we are creating a decentralized token-based economy for gaming enthusiasts where they can quench their thirst for a competitive environment while enjoying modern financial services.

The mission of the DeFi Gaming Coalition is to break the barriers of mass adoption and scalability of the DeFi technology through the gamification of the liquidity needs of a user. We firmly believe that the provision of liquidity mining, NFTs, and other unique DeFi services all under one roof will become the future of not only the gaming industry but also the financial world.

This is the DeFi Gaming Coalition

Who We Are

DeFi Gaming Coalition is a member-based organization evangelizing the powers of DeFi and NFTs in the gaming industry. Our members are visionary DeFi gaming companies, thought leaders, NFT experts, and leading DeFi dev shops, working together to create a trust-based and transparent ecosystem.

Other members that we plan to admit into our coalition include protocols, research institutions, wallets, DeFi investment funds and institutions, security auditing companies, traditional gaming organizations, universities, and more such entities in the DeFi and CeFi ecosystem.

The Future of DeFi Gaming

The true value of this new and upgraded gaming ecosystem lies in bringing together three individual industries — decentralized finance, NFTs, and gaming.

What the Future Holds

Over 2.7 Billion Gamers World Wide

Videogames are a bigger industry than movies and North American sports combine

Global gaming sales rise 20% to nearly $180 billion in 2020

Global Gaming Market Expected to Exceed $256 Billion By 2025

Tencent generated $19.7 billion revenues in 2018 from gaming company investments

Women have become the fastest growing segment of the gaming industry, with 41% of females playing video games as of 2020

The world has realised that a more inclusive, real-time, and enhanced social entertainment source is needed to complete their life – turning to the gaming industry to fulfill this need. The rise in the global gaming sales is due not only to a massive improvement in the technology used to create and play games, but also in the broader global adoption of gaming – in fact, females make up the fastest growing segment of gamers in the world, at 41% of total players. As per the market data, the value of the gaming industry is more than movies and North American sports combined.

The gaming industry, with it’s cross-platform communication tools now readily available for all to use, has become a model of social interaction and human connection globally. As the world continues to move more into purely digital experiences, online games are a key platform for users of any age, gender, and location to come together to socialize around common interests and experiences. These trends all point to the global gaming market undergoing unimaginable growth in the coming years.

With this growth, optimization and enhancement in the gaming industry have become the need of the hour and the DeFi Gaming Coalition will be at the forefront of this evolution.

The Proven Potential of DeFi:

DeFi Trade Volume Q1 2020 – $710M

DeFi Trade Volume Q4 2020 – $17.8B

Total Growth 2020: 25X (2,500%)

The growth of the DeFi ecosystem has been surreal. DeFi provides a highly-effective go-to-market strategy for ventures creating products in the space. However, the DeFi ecosystem is still unable to accommodate the need for entertainment by the user and this is where the DeFi Gaming Coalition aims to bring a difference.

NFTs are Changing the Game(s)

Q1 2021 NFT Total Volume: $473.7M

Q1 2020 NFT Total Volume: $210.5M

Q1 2021 YoY Growth: +125%

Q1 2020 YoY Growth: +17%

Wk1 2021 NFT Volume: $5.48M

Wk1 2021 NFT Growth: +911.32%

Wk1 2021 NFT Average Price: $2.13K

The birth and growth of NFTs over the past 4 years has been unprecedented, with nearly $500M in assets traded (over half of which was in just the past year). As the gaming and DeFi industries continue to overlap closer together, we anticipate further exponential growth of NFT volume and additional use cases to emerge. New utility functions of NFTs will further drive the gamification component of DeFi platforms, which the DGC intends to identify, define, and champion for the next generation of DeFi Gaming platforms.

Social Experiences of the 21st Century

The global esports market size stood at $1.1 billion in 2019 expected to expand at a (CAGR) of 24.4% over the next 7 years.

In a period of 5 years from 2015 to 2020, the audience in the esports industry increased at +20.1% CAGR and reached 589 Million.

An astonishing $87 billion was spent on in-game purchases in 2018.

By integrating new-age financial services, a competitive environment for entertainment, and with the use of NFTs to facilitate advanced digital assets, the DeFi Gaming Coalition creates the perfect use-case for the DeFi industry, giving it further meaning which can help unlock the hidden potential of the DeFi ecosystem and let it flourish in the fastest growing entertainment sector on the planet.

As in-game purchases have become the standard method for generating revenue in traditional games, the addition of DeFi services in this industry are creating vibrant secondary P2P marketplaces that enable all users to share in these ecosystem revenues. With an ever-increasing number of players and assets in games, the DGC will be at the forefront of evangelizing fair and decentralized standards for the industry.

Our Vision

The current growth of DeFi is just the start of a new era; this industry has been flourishing without any defined direction. The goal of the DeFi Gaming Coalition is to bring together the best minds and innovators in the space to help direct the future growth to its utmost potential in both value and functionality. We put forth four core pillars:



The simple introduction of NFTs in gaming is the perfect example how the gaming industry can be revolutionized through innovative technologies and DeFi concepts. The alliance will further expand, define, and evangelize NFTs as well as investigate and develop other groundbreaking technologies that can further revolutionize the DeFi and Gaming worlds for the better.


Mass Adoption

By bringing decentralized finance, NFTs, entertainment, and gaming under one roof, we aim to reach mass adoption, one the biggest barriers for DeFi and NFT based applications. The DGC aims to support education and development of standards for user-friendly interfaces, product models that are easily understandable, and scalable blockchain technologies, driven by the experience of our innovation leaders and industry experts.



Trust and transparency are core pillars of any DeFi-based application, and a necessity for the gaming industry and its massive flowing revenues. Through the collective learning of our members, we can better define security standards necessary to building better and safer DeFi products and experiences.



The early crypto and ICO era revealed many flaws in the blockchain world, while also giving birth to truly innovative products. We learned many lessons from this era combined with the fact that the industry has far greater insight into regulatory bodies, globally. We’re now positioning ourselves to become the bridge between DeFi products and regulatory agencies to proactively prepare to combat regulation and work towards amicable compromises once regulators come knocking. Our understanding of the regulatory process is based on years of working with regulators in disruptive industries, and we’re looking to add additional members who specialize in the regulatory field as well.

Join The Revolution

If you belong to the DeFi or the CeFi world and are inclined towards bringing a meaningful change to the future of finance, NFTs, entertainment, and gaming — DeFi Gaming Coalition is the perfect community for you.